Review: Writers of the Future Volume 30

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Writers of the Future Volume 30
Writers of the Future Volume 30 by Dave Wolverton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I purchased this volume because a friend of mine had a story in it!

Since this is a bunch of short stories, I won’t give the in-depth commenting and review that I normally give to novels.

I did really enjoy reading each story. They were all so different and interesting.

My ulterior motive in reading this volume was so that I could learn how to write better short stories. I still have much to learn. Perhaps my ideas are just to big and I can’t get them down to a “short” level. Or perhaps I just like to ramble and need to be more succinct.

I truly recommend this volume, and any other others, to those who are writers and who are trying to break in. These are new and upcoming writers who are being judged by professionals.

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