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Everlost by Neal Shusterman
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I had heard that this was a good book from one of Scott Card’s reviews. And now I believe him for sure! I didn’t realize it was a trilogy – so I just barely put the other two on my wishlist.

This is a teen paranormal book. Paranormal as in it deals with “ghosts” or rather, the spirits of those who get stuck halfway between life and the light at the end of the tunnel, in a sort of limbo that the residents call Everlost.

Setting: Most of the book’s setting is in Everlost in various cities on the east coast. It is, of course, a ghostly kind of world with spots of safety (places that were truly loved or memorable) and the rest of the world which they see hazily and are unable to interact with. And, if they stay in one place too long that is not “solid” then they slowly sink to the center of the earth. Because gravity apparently still affects their spirits.

Characters: The story centers on newcomers Allie and Nick. As such, we learn about the place as they do. The other characters are all 16 and under kids (because only kids apparently get stuck in this limbo). They learn about some monsters and others who don’t look like monsters but act like it. They also are not ready to “rest in peace” quite yet and are searching for a way home or to the light instead of just getting into an eternal ghostly rut.

Plot: The overarching plot is simply for the two to try to get back home and to figure it out from there. There are some side roads with teen love of other spirits, battling a true monster (the McGill), and learning more about the nature of what Everlost is and what they can do while here.

Conflict: Most of the conflict comes from losing their memories of their lives and of going against the grain of what the other bands of spirits want. There are more civilized bands and some very wild and aggressive bands. And they have to navigate between them all in their quest. There is some conflict with friendship and loyalty and love.

Text: The writing was well done and quite appropriate for the audience (and even this slightly older reader).

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