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Hazzardous Universe
Hazzardous Universe by Julie Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I remember trying to find this book a year ago but didn’t have much luck with it (I was going off what I remembered the title was).

In any case, when I had a chance to buy it (and the sequel) from Julie at a convention, I made sure to do so.

It has been worth the wait.

The characters and situations were fun and interesting to read about.

It is a YA book, but I think adults would like it too.

Of course, I’m a little biased because I love magic and wish I would have written this story 🙂

Setting: The story starts in an American small town, but quickly moves into various places throughout the universe when Hap and Tara get abducted by aliens. They get to go to some interesting (and dangerous) places and meet interesting (and dangerous) people.

Characters: Hap is a fun, albeit slightly immature, boy. But he is basically a good kid and so is a great protagonist. Tara is a good foil for him and in keeping him from too much trouble. The rest of the main characters have some interesting relationships, but I grew to love each of them in turn because of their care for Hap and Tara. And an alien mob boss – who wouldn’t love that?

Conflict: There is the general conflict of wanting to get home, but then the overall conflict of needing to save earth and the universe drives the story forward.

Plot: Hap and Tara are trying to get home while still trying to save the universe from the Dark Ones by finding a hidden book (of power) before the Dark Ones do.

Text: Fun and easy reading. The graphics also help to bring the characters to life.

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