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Air Keep
Air Keep by J. Scott Savage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been waiting and waiting to read this book and am so glad that I finally have been able to do so now that my life has calmed down a bit.

J. Scott Savage keeps getting better and better as a writer. This book is for kids, but he has managed to incorporate adult themes of accountability, destiny, and love in ways that make this book (or the entire series) something that everyone should read.

Setting: Most of the action happens in Far World, but there is a little bit spent in rural Utah (yay, Utah!) and in a never-never land of past, present, or future. The Air Keep is very different from the other places that Marcus and Kyja have been, and is a “fun” little place with bad puns (yes, I felt right at home).

Plot: They have to find the Air Keep people and enlist their aid before evil destroys the world. To complicate things, Marcus has to fight against what he sees as his and Kyja’s destiny in order to keep her safe.

Characters: Marcus and Kyja are growing up nicely – I’d love to have had these two as my friends when I was a kid. They are funny and smart and adventurous. We even get to see more of Mr. Z and he brings along his incredible racing snail!

Text: The writing is easy to access for even middle-grade readers.

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