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Centennial by James A. Michener
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I actually liked this one better than Texas. I also got through it much quicker – the subject matter was more interesting to me, I suppose.

Framing this as a research study by a professor gave the writing a little flair and creativity. It didn’t feel as dry as other historicals I’ve read. Another consequence of writing it this way though was that it was intentionally biased and so it did not feel as “historical” as other books (like Texas).

However, the whole going back in time to the big bang (essentially) and then coming forward did seem a mite excessive. While it was interesting in its own way, it just didn’t seem to fit.

I liked how everything seemed to be tied around a small group of families. It made it easy to follow and to see the relationships and conflicts develop.

It gave me a new appreciation of the indians (and made me a bit perturbed with American expansionist policies and the lack of integrity of our government officials).

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