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Forward the Foundation
Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov
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Since I’m reading the series chronologically according to the time of the series universe (and not the time they were written), I read this one next (instead of last).

The book is laid out as episodes of Hari Seldon’s life from the point after Prelude to Foundation and before the Foundation book starts. It was interesting to see the development of psychohistory and Hari over time. The episodic nature brought to mind the I, Robot stories. Which is interesting because Asimov seems to have started and ended (relatively speaking) his career in much the same way. I prefer a full story over the episodes-format, but it was well-written.

In fact, I wanted to learn even more about Hari, so I purchased the trilogy of works that were written after Asimov’s death (Foundation’s Fear, Foundation and Chaos, and Foundation’s Triumph) by other authors. So, even though it is not Asimov’s writing, I still get to experience Hari’s world in more depth.

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