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Princess of Glass
Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George
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I loved getting to know Princess Poppy better.

This was a fun and unique take on Cinderella.

For this second book in the series, Poppy is part of a royal exchange program and gets sent to a neighboring kingdom where she has to go toe-to-toe with a wanna-be princess who has her eye on the same prince as Poppy. The problem is that this wanna-be has a fairy godmother on her side.

Poppy is awesomely snarky and her character became much more real in this book.

I’d love to see 10 or 11 more books for each of the other princesses where they take on other fairy tales 😉 (it is 10 because while the first one is all 12, it has a lot to do with Rose. But, it might be nice to have Rose have her own too).

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