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Donna Milakovic, Lisa Mangum, J. Scott Savage, Chris Shoebinger, Kirk Shaw

Different types of queries – with manuscript, without, requested, slush

Different types of pitches – verbal (elevator pitch), high concept (take small idea and make it your hook, make it big). What makes your book different? Be enthusiastic about your story – infectious.

* manuscript.com – good info on pitches

Make sure to tell the ending. Position it for them – take subgenre and associate your book with titles there (not necessarily A-list titles).

Be simple, memorable, powerful, then stop talking!

4 sentences is about right.

Think of ways to increase your value to the publisher (in publicity, marketing)

Have others give honest reviews before sending your manuscript.

Publishers are more interested in building a brand.

After writing 1st book in a series, start a new project. This is so that if the 1st one gets rejected, the 2nd in the series is useless.


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