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I made it home around 8:30 this evening after being gone since last Saturday (around noon). It has been a long week, but it is great to be back home and able to sleep in a nice bed. And to be back with the family. Of course, I’ll miss my scouter friends who were on staff with me, and my new scouter friends from the Cheyenne tribe – Go purple! – and the other great leaders I met and taught and learned from this last week.

Akela’s Council is an amazing training, and I get more and more impressed with the foresight and thought that has gone into it over the years (25, I believe). Every cub scout leader should attend the training!

I also had a fun time at our banquet Friday night (a Blue and Gold dinner) when I sat next to the mayor of Payson, Rick (Moore?). He is a very funny guy. And I was told by a couple different people that we act a lot alike. I’m not sure if that is good or bad 😉

I loved being a den leader at AC this year. My den members were awesome. They kept me laughing. And they were very sweet. I learned a lot from them. Hopefully, they learned a little bit from me too – other than something about having craftiness in my testosterone-laden pinky, that is.

I may write more later, but this is all I can keep my eyes open for now.

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