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The Authorized Ender CompanionThe Authorized Ender Companion by Orson Scott Card
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This is an encyclopedia of all things Ender. It is not meant to be read straight through, but referenced (although I did read it straight through because I wanted to know everything that was in there . . . and I have read the entire series and all the possible short stories and collections).

There are also a couple sections toward the back that describe the battle rooms, the design of the battle school, and the work of getting the story made into a movie. There is even a section where "friends" of Ender and the series wrote about the effect it had on them. I know a couple people who wrote in, so that was kind of fun to read.

There was lots of good information and insights (meaning that I hadn’t realized the connections when I read – not that Jake Black added his opinions) in the entries.

This was an interesting way of reliving the stories, although I expect it would be funner for those who use it as an encyclopedia and reference it as they read or re-read the series.

I also would like to thank Jake Black for gifting me this book (it didn’t really bias my review though). I never knew he lived just down the street from me. Cool.

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