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Yay! I just got done grading all my students’ portfolios. They are due Tuesday by midnight, so I got them done pretty early.

I was impressed by some of the students’ revisions. I had one student go from a D grade all the way up to a B.

On the flip side, I had a few students who went the entire semester but just did not write the papers or fix the problems and they failed. In fact I had 9 students fail this semester (out of 27). Crazy. I don’t get it. Of those 9, 3 were ones who stayed all semester (rather than the 6 who just stopped coming).

My teaching percentages are about the same though. I’ve been tracking it since I started at UVU. It is about as easy to fail my class as it is to get an A, percentage-wise. The main difference is in whether students are willing to re-vise (I hyphenate that purposefully to enphasize the re-visioning that they often need to do from one draft to the next).

So, I’m going to have some very happy students, and some who will have to take the class all over again. Yuck!

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