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Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time, #13; A Memory of Light, #2)Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan
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Wow! So much happened in this book that I’m not sure I can keep it all straight or even make a coherent review. But, I can say that this book had humor, emotion (I got teary-eyed in the middle several times), and lots and lots of movement toward plot resolutions.

We got to see point of view from just about every character, including Aviendha. The only one that I wanted but didn’t get was Loial. I hope he shows up in the last book.

While I didn’t like Egwene or Elayne in this book as much, Rand was finally enjoyable. And Matt and Perrin were also pretty interesting.

I liked how their paths started crossing again and that some plotlines were getting resolved already.

Definitely a good read.

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