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Assisted by John Stockton
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It was very interesting to read about Stockton’s experiences and to get a little behind-the-scenes look at all the Jazz players I remember from the “good ol’ days.”

He didn’t really share a lot about his feelings or personal experiences, nor did he spend time explaining himself. So this is not that kind of autobiography. Instead, this autobiography is more about looking at the people and events that “assisted” him in living his dreams and becoming a basketball icon.

It is also a bit about his commitment and drive to be the best that he could be.

And, he includes some of his own ideas and opinions about various things from basketball rules and play to nature. And while I don’t necessarily agree on everything he says (for example, I disagree that flouride is a toxic chemical. It is not, except in very very very high concentrations, which is true for lots of things), I appreciated getting to delve a little into his mind and thoughts because he was so reserved and quiet and humble when he was in the spotlight.

At the end of the book, Stockton talks about how his purpose in writing this book was that he hoped it inspires or encourages someone to never give up. I imagine that many people will get that from reading it. Personally, it spoke more to me about the importance of hard work.

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