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Dracula by Bram Stoker
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I have been slowly making my way through this book on my Nook. I have so many physical books on my shelf to read, that I often forgot about this one. Or, my Nook battery would die before I could get to it.

In any case, I wanted to read this classic because of all the hype and other takes on the vampire genre. It was nothing like I expected (the genre has come a long way from these origins, for good and ill) and yet exactly as it needed to be.

The use of letters and diaries as the method for exposition and even action was intriguing to me. It make the suspense that much keener and it also made it easier for the author to “hide” some of the actions and motivations of various characters, especially of Dracula.

I’ve always heard about the turning into bat thing that vampires do, but I had not heard about the wolf as well. Nor about the being able to control wolves and rats as well as bats.

This was definitely written a long time ago, and so it has some of the same literary devices and writing style that characterize the era. That isn’t a bad thing, but it is different than we expect in modern writing, so it takes some adjusting to.

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