After finishing Lance Armstrong’s biography, my friend lent me this one to get another perspective on biking and doping and Lance. He warned me that I might feel “dirty” after reading this.

I don’t know that I necessarily felt dirty though. But that is probably because this was not written like a normal autobiography. There were pull-out quotes from other people about how awesome George was (which was a little strange, but acceptable). The worst thing is that it read like a travelog. There was rarely any emotion expressed or any indication of thoughts. It was just, “we went here and we did this, then we went there and did that.” It made for very dry reading. It also made it seem like George was trying to hide information, which is probably where the “dirty” feeling came from.

I hadn’t really thought about the roles played by a team’s support to the big name, so it was interesting to read a little bit about how that worked.

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