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The Message
The Message by Lance Richardson
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I got this as a gift for my birthday – I thought it was a little strange that this person would give it to me; usually I get books that are a little more grounded in doctrine.

I think that “The Message” of the book is important and valuable. Family and service are both very important. I liked the idea of a service vacation that the family experienced. I may even try something like that with my family.

I don’t normally read Near Death Experience books, so I don’t know if this one has anything in common with other similar works.

I do believe in Life After Death. I also believe that some people (generally prophets) have been shown what it is like.

I don’t know if “regular people” are experiencing something that is real or just the random firings of a brain in shock and pain while they are in a coma. Or maybe something in between. I am sure that the author saw what he says he did – I just don’t know whether it was real, or at least that all of it was real.

I did find some of the information contradicted what I’ve learned about heaven from scriptures and prophets, so I had a hard time getting past some of it.

It was interesting, and the author’s self-effacing attitude worked well for the genre.

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