Review: Schlock Mercenary: The Sharp End of the Stick

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Schlock Mercenary: The Sharp End of the Stick
Schlock Mercenary: The Sharp End of the Stick by Howard Tayler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another brilliant installment of Schlock.

This one features Elf, Kevyn, Schlock, Brad, Nick, and Pronto.

They find themselves in a primitive world with only sticks (sharp ones, though) to defend themselves with.

The rest of the story of how they got there and how Kevyn dies and then subsequently survives several times is told through flashback and with Howard’s usual wit and fast-paced four-panel action.

I’m looking forward to eventually catching up to where I started reading the comic online (yes, I know I can catch up by going to the archives. I like the experience of reading the whole thing and having it nicely packaged. And, having Howard draw a sketch of Elf in the back is also a big plus).

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