Review: A Memory of Light

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A Memory of Light
A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan
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Finally, the end of the series! 14 books is a lot – especially considering how thick they are. But, it has been fun to explore Jordan’s world and to see the story come to completion. I am happy where it ended and how it ended. I probably should have read the entire series again immediately before reading this book so that I remembered more of what was going on and such – I’m sure I would have gotten even more out of it if I had – but even so, the prologue really helped to spark my memory and to set up the book.

I thought Brandon Sanderson did a fantastic job with keeping the story moving and making it feel like Jordan’s world (even though he didn’t try to imitate Jordan’s style – which would have seemed very strange, I’m sure).

For those who stopped reading the series after a couple books, I recommend reading synopses of the ones you missed (if you don’t want to read the books themselves) and then picking up volumes 12, 13, and 14 – you’ll be amazed at the complexity and detail of Jordan’s world, mythos, and plots.

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