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Why Buy?

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Funny, considering how people feel about electronic content.


Conservative versus Liberal

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At a writing conference I attended Thursday, Stephen Covey was speaking about changing universities to be more involved in communities as a way to lower crime.

Interestingly, one of the audience members asked him how to change universities to be less liberal. The idea being that liberals would need to change so they could help people.

And yet, isn’t the definition of “conservative” that of someone who does not want change? Therefore, in order to get universities to change, by definition, we would need them to be less conservative.

Sometimes people are so blinded by their world view (on both sides) that they don’t see the illogic in their stances.


Funny Mormon Comics and Twilight

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One of my writing group friends pointed us to this website, and I thought the comics are all pretty funny (but mostly just if you understand Mormon culture).

But, these comics about Twilight take the cake: