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I got to lead my first board of review on…

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I got to lead my first board of review on Tuesday night. I don’t know about the boy, but I was sure nervous. I ended up letting the others do more of the leading than I should have, but I think it went fairly well. Next milestone will be a Court of Honor. And I really need to go get trained. I feel “naked” without it.


Back from Camp

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I made it home around 8:30 this evening after being gone since last Saturday (around noon). It has been a long week, but it is great to be back home and able to sleep in a nice bed. And to be back with the family. Of course, I’ll miss my scouter friends who were on staff with me, and my new scouter friends from the Cheyenne tribe – Go purple! – and the other great leaders I met and taught and learned from this last week.

Akela’s Council is an amazing training, and I get more and more impressed with the foresight and thought that has gone into it over the years (25, I believe). Every cub scout leader should attend the training!

I also had a fun time at our banquet Friday night (a Blue and Gold dinner) when I sat next to the mayor of Payson, Rick (Moore?). He is a very funny guy. And I was told by a couple different people that we act a lot alike. I’m not sure if that is good or bad 😉

I loved being a den leader at AC this year. My den members were awesome. They kept me laughing. And they were very sweet. I learned a lot from them. Hopefully, they learned a little bit from me too – other than something about having craftiness in my testosterone-laden pinky, that is.

I may write more later, but this is all I can keep my eyes open for now.


Flag Etiquette and You

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This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Flag Etiquette

I recently saw a program where flags were displayed to either side of a person who was speaking from a podium. The US Flag and the state flag, however, were reversed.

It got me thinking about how many times I’ve seen improper flag etiquette, or incorrect use of the flag. I’m not talking flag burning done in protest, I mean things like wearing it as apparel.

So, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned about the US Flag code and etiquette. I don’t know everything though, and would appreciate any additional insights or corrections.

I will start making posts on this topic within the next couple days. Feel free to comment here about things you’d like me to eventually talk about.


Cub Scout Family Freeze

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Earlier this year (actually it was like December 29th), I was asked to chair the committee that would put on this winter family event. I was nervous and even a bit scared at first, but I was so thankful when I’d call people and they said that they would be willing to help out. Yay me!

I was able to assemble a group of 15 or so people who are totally awesome and great leaders. They all did an awesome job. The families and kids seemed to all have a fantastic time. We had sledding runs, cardboard and duct tape sled building, snow sculptures and snow shoeing, snow bowling, and great food. We had prizes and patches for all the kids (except some kids took more than they should have, as well as some of the staff gifts – but they were excited and probably didn’t do it on purpose).

Being on this committee also helped me get back into helping my oldest son (8) work on his Rank Advancements. We sat down and marked off lots of things the day after Family Freeze.

I am contemplating doing it again next year. If we did it, we’d probably have 4 sessions spread out over 2 days so that we could get the best bang for our setting-up-buck.

There is much I would do better/differently next year if I do decide to help out.

But, one of the best things for me is that I’ve been contemplating about what things I am truly passionate about. I was having trouble coming up with anything. But, then, how could I forget about scouting? I am definitely passionate about it. If I could make a living with it (or if I was independently wealthy), I would definitely love going into work at the council office (as a District Executive or something) every day.


Just Back from Akela’s Council

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Iiiiiiii’mmmmmm Baaaa-aaaccccckkkkk.

I’m still really tired, but I got back Saturday night from Akela’s Council (Cub Scout Leader Training). I was on staff and felt like I was still a participant in many ways – I have a lot to learn still about the scouting program.

But, I had a great time and really enjoyed being there, despite the lack of sleep.

Hope I get asked again some time – it was way awesome!

Uugaa chucka, Cherokee!


Akela’s Council

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I attended this Cub Scout Leader training (called Akela’s Council) last year, and thought it was GREAT! It helped me learn so much (even after being a Cubmaster for 2 years) and helped me really get that scouting spirit.

I HEARTILY recommend it to anyone and everyone!

In fact, I am going to be on staff this year, and I am really looking forward to experiencing it again, from a different perspective.

So, register today and come along! Just go to