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Dr. Who

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I got my wife addicted to Dr. Who over the Christmas break. We’ve recently been watching the fifth series (that’s season for us Yanks across the pond) – the one with Matt Smith as the Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.

I have already seen all of the episodes, but it has been fun watching them again (thank you magic of DVR!).

Tonight we watched the episode about Vincent van Gogh. It still brought tears to my eyes at the end.



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Heidi and I have loved the TV series, Chuck, ever since it aired 4 years ago. Part of the charm is the character named John Casey, played by Adam Baldwin. The character is similar in some respects to the part Baldwin played on another of my favorite shows: Firefly (and subsequently on the movie version, Serenity).

This 4th season, they been bringing in some big names for cameos and small parts. From Brandon Routh last season to Timothy Dalton and Linda Hamilton this season, it has been lots of fun.

Well, yesterday’s episode had an appearance by Summer Glau (who also had a part in Firefly). And seeing her and Adam together again was totally awesome! They really feed off each other in a great way.