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Review: Harry Potter 7.1

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Last Friday, I got to see the new movie twice!

Once for work and once with the family.

I thought the script was handled quite well. The story was told well and condensed enough to keep the action moving (as opposed to the interminable amount of camping time done in the book). The acting was great. These 3 kids have really grown up and become fine actors. I could have done without the “Harry and Hermione kiss” – the same effect could have been created with more of an eye toward younger audiences, and just plain old propriety. The dancing scene was fun, but kind of silly. It felt thrown into the movie. Finally, I felt like the entire setup for all the deaths didn’t work well. Dobby’s death should have had me bawling (like in the book). Instead, the deaths didn’t build on each other. The danger level didn’t feel like it increased as we went along. In general, though, I thought the film stood on its own and was enjoyable in its own right.